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قديم 10-08-2007, 11:56 PM   رقم المشاركة : [1]

Love sacrifices
Once upon time there was a small family living in a small village, which was very far from the main town. The family was made up of three people. One man, with his wife and their son. The problem that the family was facing was that they were so very poor they barely had anything to eat. In fact, they were living in poverty. They were not only the family who were poor. All the families living in their village, all faced the same problem.
As I said he was very intelligent but unlucky, as his parents had no money for his studies or to pay for anything that would benefit him in the future. Because of this, he decided to do whatever it took to achieve his goal in life.
He came across so many obstacles, which he had to get over by all means. At last but not least, he moved to a place where he could find what he was looking for. He went to London and met someone who was a very good and kind person who did what he could do to help him. He started a new life but needed to be very careful. He had been advised by the friend who he had met whilst searching for a job, "London is a very nice city but on the other hand it is very dangerous."
After all of his endless searching he found work in a restaurant on the weekends. At the same time he studied at the university. He was studying Cardiology. Whilst he was in one of his many classes, he became entranced by a fellow student. Such a nice girl, and so very pretty, the first time he laid eyes on her, he lost his mind. He dreamt that they would both fall rapturously in love and live together forever. From that moment on, everything he did, was for her. Unfortunately she remained oblivious to all his innermost feelings.
He was very patient with her. He tried many times to tell her about the love that he had for her. The reason he could not carry it out was because he had such a fragile heart, he was afraid of her answer.

He would have done anything, just to know the way she felt about him. He loved her more than anything else in his life. Nobody could imagine how difficult it was for him to be in love with someone, who had no idea about his feelings for them.
One day, whilst deep in his thoughts about her, he asked himself, 'why don’t I at least speak to her, or tell her that I love her?' But, as always, he found it was something that was too difficult to say, so he kept this in his heart. He vowed to himself, that it would forever remain a secret, his alone.
Still, every night, the same thing would happen. Tears of sadness would well up inside, why couldn't he tell her of his love for her. It seemed to him, that he was the only person on the face of the earth, who was stuck in this maddening situation.
At the end of his last year in the university, after graduation, he finally went to her and told her everything; all that he did was for her. And his feelings that he had for her that he had kept hidden for so long.
Her answer was very hard to accept. She told him that she had begun to notice the way he acted in her presence. She had figured out how he felt about her. She said to him 'you are not the man who I am looking for'; because she had found out that he was from a poor family with no influence. She was not grateful for his honesty or all that he had done in her name. She had not considered any of the sacrifices that he had made for her, the pure and honest love he had for her, or the pain that he had gone through not being able to speak to her at all.


everybody ( do not forget to write your story )

i am waiting for them

I will accept anything that you would say about it


....whatever you've done to me I really don't care....
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قديم 16-08-2007, 08:05 PM   رقم المشاركة : [2]

hello all

what's up people , nobody has added any story

that is really unacceptable

so many members in this forum and non of them has put anything

I am very glad to see your stories

all the best


....whatever you've done to me I really don't care....
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قديم 03-09-2007, 11:42 PM   رقم المشاركة : [3]
افتراضي رد: imagination story

hello again and again and again

I wrote this story which you could see at the top awhile ago

and I haven't seen anything new since I do not know why

but I am STILL very positive to see yours

bye bye

all the best


....whatever you've done to me I really don't care....
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قديم 08-05-2016, 01:07 AM   رقم المشاركة : [7]
افتراضي رد: imagination story

I'm a bit astonished about the high number of viewers of this topic. It seems that he has broken the record, It exceeds quarter million
well done mate

التوقيع: عيوب الجسم يسترها متر قماش ولكن, عيوب الفكر يكشفها أول نقاش,,
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